Whaly 500 Professional

The Whaly 500R Professional is even stronger than the “normal” 500 model! The Whaly 500R Professional has a foam layer on the inside of the boat, Polyethylene + Polyethylene foam layer, High grade , UV-stabilised Polyethylene (PE), this will be the preferred choice for Professional use as a Work boat or for Rescue operations.

Whaly’s, well thought-out design, which emphasises strength and stability, offers many options. A large of inner space for a 5 meter boat!

Barevná provedení

Whaly 500 Professional barevne provedeni

Volitelná výbava

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Technické specifikace

Délka: 4,99 m
Šířka: 2,10 m
Počet osob: 12
Suchá hmotnost: 365 kg
Maximální zatížení: 1 300 kg
Maximální výkon motoru: 44,1 kW/60 HP

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