Whaly 435 Professional

The Whaly 435R is an incredibly robust, double-walled boat manufactured from high-grade plastic (Polyethylene). This version is even stronger and has a foam layer on the interior, making it the preferred choice for professional use as a work boat, though it is very suitable for rescue operations too. Furthermore, the Whaly 435R has an additional option: an engine with 40hp – very handy when speed is of the essence. This boat is low-maintenance and is produced in 100% colour-fast plastic. These specifications will certainly convince you of its quality.

Barevná provedení

Whaly 435 Professional barevna provedení

Volitelná výbava

  • sada vesel
  • sada veslových zámků
  • sedačka pro veslování s úložným prostorem
  • řídící konzole s úložným prostorem

Technické specifikace

Délka: 4,35 m
Šířka: 1,73 m
Počet osob: 10
Suchá hmotnost: 196 kg
Maximální zatížení: 860 kg
Maximální výkon motoru: 29,4 kW/40 HP

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